We must break free of indifference.

Historians will look back at this time period and wonder how, those of us alive today, were so capable of documenting exactly what we were doing to the planet. But meanwhile, we seemed unable to change our ways or to prevent things from getting worse.

Indifference has many people trapped today.

Indifference is borne of denial. We tell ourselves false, comforting messages — ”things will work themselves out”; “it won’t be so bad”; “I’ll manage”.

Those of us fortunate to live in rich countries are also trapped by personal plans and goals that don’t account for, or accept, the fact that Earth’s climate is radically changing…

The first step is always the hardest

I believe that we are alive to connect with the things that we care about. By connecting with the things that we care about, we activate a personal destiny — a destiny that brings purpose and also makes the world a better place.

Most people today are not taught to connect with themselves or the things they care about. Instead, they are trained to work a job or build a career in something that doesn’t interest them, in exchange for a sense of security and stability that may not really exist. This leads to a lot of unhappiness.

Meanwhile, in…

Dave-Inder Comar

Tech lawyer passionate about a stable climate and living a life of purpose. California • New York. Mixed race.

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